by Laura Lee Guhrke

January 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-114361-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Once upon a time, there was a seamstress named Prudence who lived in a lodging house, worked very hard, and dreamed of a better life. Then she inherited a fortune, met a handsome duke, and fell in love. Her life was wonderful, and it seemed as if she was destined to live happily ever after.

Sounds like a true fairytale with a happy ending right?.....

Then she found out money canít buy happiness, handsome dukes can also be wicked, lying scoundrels, and a broken heart hurts like hell. Will Prudence ever find true love and happiness? Will the wicked duke mend his ways? Will she take him back or kick him to the curb?

Prudence Bosworth never dreamed that she'd inherit a fortune from the father she has never even seen, or that there would be a stipulation that the would need to be wed in one year. Prudence is determined that she will marry for true love and after seeing firsthand the chivalry of a certain duke, she vows that he is the only man that will do. But, Rhys De Winter, Duke of St. Cyres, is not the gallant knight of Prudence's daydreams, When his shocking deception is revealed, he will stop at nothing to win her back, even if it means renouncing every last one of his wicked ways.

Sigh...Laura Lee Guhrke is one of today's fastest rising historical, romance stars...and for good reason. ALL of her books are fun, fast paced and totally romantic. Prudence and Rhys are such a fun pair...they fight, they make-up, they love...who can ask for more in a romance story.

With characters to steal your heart and a storyline that keeps on going and going and going...well you get the picture...this is a can't be missed book!

A fantastic winter read!

Reviewed in January 2008 by Debbie.

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