by Susan M. Brooks

September 2007
ISBN: 978-1-934135-60-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Zumaya Publications
Mass Market Paperback

Natalie loves love and hates relationships. Relations mean that there are no rules Ė things change on a day to day basis, what works one day will not work the next. Love means the dizzying emotion-filled, all is right with the world.

On an impulse, Natalie decides to take off for Ruune, North Dakota, to reunite with her childhood sweetheart. After all, she hasnít had flowers left on her front porch, or a proposal air-written in the clouds, so why not?

Natalie has no idea what she really wants and her journey introduces her to a whole smorgasbord of ideas, lifestyles, relationships, and emotions. Will Natalie find what she wants out of life?

She's The Girl is the first book Iíve read by Ms. Brooks and her unique voice shows through. It is captivating, however Ms. Brooks ignores most of the rulesóbut it works in this story-line.

Natalie is immature, and she does do considerable coming into herself in this story. And the road-trip itself is fun. If you like raw literary style, this book will make you laugh.

Reviewed in November 2007 by Laura.

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