by Karen Kendall

November 2002
ISBN: 0-06-050232-0
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Mass Market Paperback

I've Got You, Babe is exciting and fun, wonderful and beautiful, perfectly paced, sexy and sassy, emotional and very satisfying. With excellent secondary characters, a touching secondary romance and a perfect balance of tender, serious and funny moments it has to be Karen Kendallís eagerly awaited romantic comedy of opposites attract.

Vanessa Tower is a prim art history teacher at a womenís college in a small New England town. She is also writing a book on a famous American artist with the help of his widow, Miss Eugenie. When Miss Eugenie is hospitalized she sends Vanessa to persuade her estranged grandson to come down from his mountain and to visit her in the hospital to claim his birthright, his hated grandfatherís prized collection of paintings.

A heated exchange of words and looks later - remember that Diet Coke commercial? Thatís the feel you get whenever Vanessa encounters Crash. Have your buckets ready to hold all that drool. Skydiving teacher Christopher "Crash" Dunmoor turns up at the hospital only to be manipulated into taking Vanessaís class on his grandfatherís life and art. A situation that exposes Vanessa to his delectable body and his heated gazes, and Crash to his fellow sex-crazed all-female students and the pain that goes with studying his grandfatherís paintings.

When after too many pinched nipples, the lessons turn into private ones and those lead to kisses, multiple layers of underwear, fainting, take-away food and hot and out of control sex (left me flushed, hot and needy - ahem), the relationship and their difficult pasts need to be examined.

It is possible to read Iíve Got You, Babe solely as a romantic comedy and a reader could definitely enjoy it as such. I believe thought, that to really love this book I had to take on board all of the charactersí difficult emotions. To open up to the pain, guilt and shame in order to feel the pleasure, love and relief when the healing started.

Empathy for her characters is obvious in every word, every sentence and every page of Ms Kendallís latest. And her choice of words is truly wonderful. Iím a fan, a huge fan! What a writing voice. If I had to choose my favorite romantic comedy author now it would have to be Karen Kendall. A few well-placed words and she had me in stitches. Characters so lovingly portrayed in all their flawed glory it was impossible to resist them. But the very best about this book is how it all fits so perfectly together and sounds so fresh, charming and outrageous.

So it comes as no surprise that another favorite author of mine is quoted on the cover, Susan Andersen with ďA writer to watchĒ. Yes, my sentiments exactly! Donít miss out on her writing, her great stories and her lovable characters. Iíve Got You, Babe is only just Karen Kendallís third book, but it shows clearly that whoever or whatever this author should choose to write about would be worth my reading time. If you find a Karen Kendall book up on the shelves, donít hesitate to grab it, no matter the title. Youíll enjoy it. Guaranteed!

Reviewed in December 2002 by Kris Alice.

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