by Dominique Adair, Jennifer Dunne, Madeleine Oh

December 2002
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Tied With a Bow is an anthology filled with steamy sex, erotic toys and plenty of fun filled romance! Brimming with sexual awakenings, the women of this book are wise enough to acknowledge them, while maintaining their savvy and intellect.

First up was Dominique Adair’s Two Days Three Nights. Victoria Brittain is the successful Head of Marketing at Olive Street Designs. A family run company, owned and operated by Victoria and her brothers. Victoria has a secret admirer, and he makes his presence known by sending her a mysterious gift, with an even more mysterious note attached.

William Hunt is a wealthy client of Victoria’s, and he has longed for Victoria from afar. Sparks fly when he decides to make his move and invite her for a weekend at his opulent home. Filled with curiosity, Victoria spends a weekend with the handsome William, chock full of surprises, not to mention plenty of assorted toys.

The chemistry between these two fairly sizzles, but they don’t just make great love - they make great conversation! I had a fine time reading this with only a bump or two in the road. This reader noted, an occasion or two where William uses the word “nay”, rather than no. I had a bit of trouble accepting that due to the fact that this was set in modern day New York. Then, a stunning revelation that this story, in my opinion could have done without!

All in all, a steamy romance with likeable characters, that in a submissive, dominant environment weren’t too over the top. If curiosity has you wondering just what that revelation was, you’ll just have to read Two Days Three Nights yourself!

In Anne’s Birthday Bachelorby Jennifer Dunne, Anne finds herself tired and stressed out from running her own ad agency. Daily decision-making has become tedious, and on a lunch date with her friend Susan, she expresses her desire to have someone else run the show. Susan being the good friend that she is (this reader could only hope to have a friend this good!) plans a birthday surprise for Anne that she won’t soon forget!

Garrett is Anne’s birthday surprise, Susan won a date with him at a charity auction, and she graciously gives him to Anne for her birthday. Garrett is every girl's dream come true - devastatingly handsome, smart and funny. He sweeps Anne off her feet on their first date, where he’s made himself clear about whose making the decisions! Trouble is, while Anne experiences the ultimate in sexual delight, Garrett has made it clear that he’s not in this for the long haul. Garrett has bigger fish to fry with his company in London, for which he plans to leave in two months.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read! Anne is smart and sexy, and game for anything. Garrett may be the dominating factor in this relationship, but he’s so sweet and loving while he goes about it, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him too! I found his colorful condoms a riot! Not only did this couple have some ultra hot sex, they had compatibility! Will Garrett be able to walk away from Annie no strings attached?

If your looking for a tale that leaves you not only breathless, but smiling too take a peek at Anne’s Birthday Bachelor and find out!

Power Playby Madeline Oh was by far the most risqué of the trilogy to say the least! Annie is a schoolteacher by day, and submissive by night. Her lover, and dominant, Mark has planned a birthday that by this reader’s standard was a unique look into the world of domination. Annie has requested that a friend of Mark’s, Tom, be her submissive as a birthday present. Tom, whose lover is Claudine, whips up a birthday treat with Mark, that had this reader's eyebrows raised, while inwardly asking, "Can this really be done without hurting yourself?" Annie wishes to be the dominant, but Tom has other ideas!

Tom and Annie embark on a wild escapade of role-playing, and domination that will keep you mildly entertained. I didn’t feel especially kind toward Mark, as he seemed to give up his girlfriend rather easily. However, some may enjoy the idea that Mark goes to such great lengths to please his girlfriend. Maybe it’s just one girl’s opinion, but I like a little monogamy with my submission! Nevertheless, the read went swiftly, and the characters were likeable enough that I stuck with it.

Wild sex, wilder toys and a happy ending add up to Power Play.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Connie.