by Monica McCarty

October 2007
ISBN: 978-0-345-49438-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books
Mass Market Paperback

Scottish Highlands, Spring 1607

Flora MacLeod, half-sister to two powerful Highland Chiefs, and a very wealthy heiress through the lands and money passed to her from her mother, was considered a marriage prize to be sought by both highlanders and lowlanders throughout Scotland. Flora wants nothing to do with Highlanders; her beloved mother had been given into marriage four times to those heathens. Elopement with a dandified lowland lord seems the best way to escape a forced marriage from one of her guardians, but Flora’s plans are soon disrupted when she is kidnapped by one of the barbarian Highland lairds she so despises. He is everything she fears, huge, ruthless, uncouth, and extremely sexy!

Lachlan Maclean will do whatever it takes to ensure his clan’s safety and survival. Making a secret pact with Flora’s cousin Argyle, Lachlan waylays the spirited beauty from her elopement and takes her to his highland castle. Determined to marry her, (his family’s endurance depends on it), Lachlan sets about a seduction so potent and thorough that Flora cannot resist. But the balance of power shifts when the normally in control and dominating Lachlan falls under the strong willed Flora’s spell. Both are swept away with a passion that neither understands nor wants, but can’t deny. A battle of wills ensues with this Highlander Unchained!

Monica McCarty writes us a phenomenal book filled with colorful characters and superb plot line based in part on actual historical figures and happenings with the third in her highland trilogy Highlander Unchained. After a fantastic debut with Highlander Untamed, there seemed to be a derailment with the second, Highlander Unmasked. I am happy to report that Ms. McCarty is right back on track with Highlander Unchained. A sizzling hot alpha male hero, Lachlan will set your blood to boil and heart racing as he sets to seduce his heroine Flora and the reader!

Reviewed in January 2008 by Bonnie.

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