by Allie Mackay

November 2007
ISBN: 978-0-451-2226-33
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Mass Market Paperback

While still a teenager, Kira Bedwell traveled to Scotland, a country she had always felt a strange connection to. Visiting the ruins of Castle Wrath, once the home to great Scottish chieftain, Aidan MacDonald, Kira uses her “gift” of far-sight hoping to “see” into the castle’s past and observe the highlander. When she ventures down ancient stone steps and stumbles right into the arms of the very much alive Aidan both are caught off guard by the power of the emotion they each feel! From that time on Aidan becomes a very “live” part of Kira’s dreams and she a part of his.

Highland Laird Aidan MacDonald never forgot the strange lass who appeared out of nowhere on the steps leading to his great hall. She had spoken strangely and wore odd raiments. She comes to him nightly in his dreams, and no other woman will do for Aidan, he knows that one day she will return to him. Appearing once again out of no where, this time atop the Castle’s stone archway, Kira Bedwell is led by Aidan’s loyal warriors to their chieftain, and Aidan claims his dream woman for real. But as their romance transcends dreams and becomes reality, their newfound happiness could be short lived. Enemies are abundant and raging war against Aidan and his clan. Someone has made attempts to hurt his beloved Kee-rah. Time itself is the greatest enemy, if they stay in Aidan’s time Aidan is destined to die by his enemy’s blade. Kira must find a way to keep her Highlander In Her Dreams for always!

Allie Mackay (Sue-Ellen Welfonder) has done it again! The perfect Scottish romance with the perfect Alpha-male hero, and a not so perfect modern day woman who claims his heart. Allie's Highlander In Her Dreams vividly transports you along with Kira to Scotland of the fourteenth century. You feel as if you are feasting at the castle right alongside Kira and Aidan. Don’t miss this one; Highland in Her Dreams is a time travel adventure to beat all!

Reviewed in January 2008 by Bonnie.

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