by Jayne Castle

September 2007
ISBN: 978-0-515-14355-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Matchmaker Celinda Ingram needs a fresh start. After a political scandal ruins her reputation in her home town, she moves to Cadence City. With her strong para-resonator abilities, she quickly proves herself to be an asset to her new employer. When a police officer and a private investigator arrive at her office, she has a feeling that they are not there to find their perfect matches. As usual, she is correct.

Security specialist Davis Oakes has no interest in her profession. Along with Officer Alicia Martinez, he hopes that Ms. Ingram can lead him to a missing artifact. He has been told that she purchased an unusual object from a local antique shop. While it appears to be a plastic-like substance, it is really rare red amber, and is said to have unusual properties. Davis knows all about unusual properties, since he has a few unusual abilities of his own.

As they try to obtain the red amber from Celinda’s acquisitive dust bunny, other parties are also interested in the strange artifact. The only diffeence is that they hope to use it for their own gain.

Welcome back to Harmony, the futuristic world created by Jayne Castle (aka Jayne Ann Krentz). Ms. Castle has constructed a fascinating universe with subtle similarities to our own, and plenty of differences. One thing remains constant – Love will triumph in the end. Davis and Celinda will have quite a few obstacles to overcome, but even the dust bunnies are pleased in her latest work, Silver Hunter. With her usual blend of strong characters and active plot, the author has once again created another story for her fans to enjoy.

Reviewed in September 2007 by Paula.

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