by Lauren Royal

October 2007
ISBN: 978-0-451-22245-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Sean Delaney is determined to help his sister be free of the bounder she is married to. John Hamilton may be a famous artist, but he is a scoundrel of the first degree and treats Sean's sister terribly. She wants a divorce; John will not grant her one unless Sean helps him in a rather nefarious plot. John has a rich uncle who wants to get to know him; John does not return the sentiment. All Sean has to do is impersonate John until the old man passes away. Sean has no choice unfortunately. It should be a fairly simple task, though loathsome, and in the end, Sean's sister will get her divorce. All's well that ends well?

Perhaps not. Lady Corinna Chase knows the truth about Sean's identity, though she does not believe him at first. But faced with rather forcible evidence, Corinna decides to help Sean. Along the way, she finds the perfect subject to make her dreams come true. Corinna is an artist determined to see her work accepted at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition. She knows the odds are against her; after all, she is a woman. But with resolve and grit, she is sure to see this task succeed. And if love happens to come along when she least expects, well, so much the better! For Corinna has never planned to fall in love or marry. Sean will be prove to be the surprise and zest her life, and perhaps artwork, needs.

The concluding story in Lauren Royal's Sweet Temptations trilogy soars and swoops with spellbinding romance. This is a lush and well told tale that features a hero and heroine sure to please. Sean is a man defined by values, by strength, and by personal drive. Duping John's uncle is a very distasteful task for him, especially the more he comes to know the amiable and amusing man. Corinna provides some relief from the task he faces, but also, she is plenty of trouble for him. Corinna is a sweet woman guided by a kind but mischievous heart. I liked seeing her match wits with the men of the Royal Academy in particular.

The Art of Temptation is chock full of good, old fashioned romance. The passion overwhelms the pages and makes this a glorious read.

Reviewed in November 2007 by Sarah.

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