by Susan May Warren, Susan Downs

January 2008
ISBN: 978-1-59789-983-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Barbour Publishing Inc.
Trade Paperback

In 1917 revolution is threatening to destroy the Romanov dynasty. Oksana, a servant girl to the Romanov family agrees to take the place of the Grand Duchess, a position she’s been groomed for. And in return, Olga, the real princess, will assume Oksana’s identity.

A Mennonite from Russia’s southern steppelands, Anton Klassen accidentally meets the Tsar in the woods and is given a sacred trust. Keep someone named Oksana safe. Anton isn’t quite sure what this entails, but he agrees to the Tsar’s request.

When danger follows Anton and Oksana, Anton is frustrated. No matter where he goes, he seems to be followed. When he learns Oksana’s dangerous secret, Anton is floored and wishes he’d never agreed to the Tsar’s request. How can he possibly keep Oksana safe?

The Sovereign`s Daughter was originally the fourth book in the Heirs of Anton’s series, titled Oksana. It has been repackaged and is now the first in the series. The Sovereign`s Daughter is easily one of my favorite books in this series, as well written as the original first book in the series, Ekaterina. Oksana is a lovable heroine, and Anton is a fantastic hero, kind and sensitive.

In addition to having three dimensional characters, The Sovereign`s Daughter also has an expertly woven in faith message, and the setting is so well described that the reader almost feels they are there in turn-of-the century Russia. Historical fans will not want to miss The Sovereign`s Daughter.

Reviewed in December 2007 by Laura.