by Nicholas Sparks

September 2007
ISBN: 978-0-446-57992-6
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With the holiday fast approaching itís time for many of us to start Christmas shopping. For the booklover on your list you might wish to consider Nicholas Sparksí latest work entitled The Choice.

Travis Parker is a single man looking for love. Until the new neighbor Gabby Holland moves in he doesnít realize that heís been looking in the wrong places.

The way that Travis meets his new neighbor is a little less than conventional, and could be the end of a beautiful relationship, but instead leads to one entertaining moment after another until suddenly the relationship is at a level that neither quite anticipated.

At this point you might think all is smooth between Travis and Gabby, but itís not. Gabby is attached and hoping to marry her long time boyfriend. Travis is something of a wild child, and doesnít want to have to conform to a more traditional lifestyle.

Will they manage to be friends? Will they take their relationship to a level to last for eternity?

Nicholas Sparks is renowned for his emotional reads. He takes readers on a journey to the very soul of his characters. While The Choice is a lovely relationship story, and a joy to read it does seem to be lacking the depth of emotion of some of his earlier works.

Even without the emotion I do believe itís hard to find an author who can touch your heart in quite the way that Nicholas Sparks manages to do on a highly consistent level. AgainÖThe Choice should be your choice for a wonderful gift this holiday season.

Reviewed in October 2007 by Sandi.

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