by Beverly Barton

February 2008
ISBN: 978-0-8217-7690-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Are you a fan of spine tingling suspense, mixed with a wonderfully romantic story? If you are then Beverly Barton needs to be on your must read list. Her newest title The Murder Game picks up where her previous title The Dying Game ended.

As the story begins the killer has already trapped and killed his first victim, so the question remains how many others will be victims before Griffin Powell, owner of Powell Security, and Nicole Baxter, a special agent with the FBI can stop a psycho killer?

Some readers will remember Griffin and Nicole have a love hate relationship, but in The Murder Game the killer is forcing them to work together in order to solve the crimes, and hopefully save many lives. He calls each of them with a clue, and they have to work together in order to solve the clue and potentially stop a young woman from dying.

What starts as two people working together because they have to soon develops into a more caring relationship, but whether or not it advances past a flirtatious stage youíll have to discover for yourself.

The Murder Game is strictly a game of cat and mouse as we know from the beginning who the killer is, and what his preferred method of killing is. We do not learn who his victims are much before Griffin and Nicole do. What we do finally learn is where Grifffin was for the decade of his life that he prefers not to talk about.

I liked The Murder Game, but was not as satisfied with it as I was with The Dying Game. I was warned to read The Dying Game first and I do believe that readers will get more enjoyment by reading these connected books in order.

As previously stated Ms. Barton is a master of romantic suspense, and even a book that might not be as good as a previous title is still an excellent read, and well worth the money and time needed to purchase and read. Iím quite excited that she will have yet another release this year.

Reviewed in January 2008 by Sandi.

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