by Anthology

October 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2181-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback

Three friends commiserate with each other over drinks about their inability to find a good man. Something that starts out as a joke ends up a plan as the women decide to advertise in which ever way they prefer and the man who can figure out what B.S.A. (Big Spankable Asses) means will win a date.

In Just Lay Down by Kimberly Kaye Terry, Lilliana Michaels has spent the last 12 years in an abusive relationship with a man who wouldn’t know how to satisfy a woman if his life depended on it. When co-worker Josh Ellis accidentally spies her ad, as well as the solution, he can’t resist the opportunity to reply. He knows he can satisfy this sexy woman, and now he just has to show her not all men are the same.

Lisa G. Riley continues with Caught in which Dr. Nick Pantino overhears Melinda Carlisle talking about the internet ad she’s going to post and hears her explain what BSA means. Despite her refusal to go out with him, he knows he’s going to use this information to his advantage. Melinda doesn’t think it’s a good idea to get involved with a co-worker but she’s been attracted to Nick for months. And when he shows her what she’s been missing, she wonders if she’s willing to risk her heart again.

This anthology wraps up with Fienin’ by Angie Daniels. Nightclub owner Simone Thomas loves sex, but has absolutely no desire to fall in love. She’s been plagued with a series of very unexceptional lovers, so when she meets Shaun Dutton she is more than tempted. But he makes it clear from the beginning that he wants more than sex and she isn’t willing to give him the chance to break her heart. When a local radio station advertises that the man who figures out what BSA stands for will when a weekend trip to the beach with Simone, Shaun uses this to his advantage. And he plans to use the weekend at the beach to teach Simone about love.

There is no warning on the book, but I feel readers should be aware the three women are African American, while the men they fall in love with are white. While mostly satisfactory, the third story used expressions that were a total turnoff and I’m not sure if this was a cultural thing, or just something the author herself preferred. And, while spanking was a small part of the story, the title is misleading to anyone who expects anything more.

Reviewed in October 2007 by Jackie.

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