by P. J. Mellor, Melissa MacNeal, Valerie Martinez

October 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2025-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback

Naughty, Naughty ~ Just the name itself makes you think of things that are very X-rated and hot. That is just what this book will bring. No page is boring and lots steamy sex with the added surprise of Christmas and great story line.

Hot For Christmas by P. J. Mellor takes a very sexy Scrooge, Chris MacNeal, who has devilish ideas for boutique owner Allison Conroe. When Allison looks at Chris she has some very satisfying games that she would love to play. Is he game????

Melissa MacNeal`s Cabin Fever has rancher Danny Black thinking that what he is seeing might be caused by too much liquor. Is it really a Christmas Angel that is walking through the blizzard to his door? Miss Norah Dalton is a loving person and knows that Danny needs some cheering up, but first he needs to get sober. Will these two have some very sinful moments? What about a future? Will Danny want her when he finds out the truth?

Valerie Martinez`s Triple Xmas shares with us a story that has soon-to-be bride Deb Rockette asking for a special gift. Will her husband-to-be grant her the wish she wants? Deb would like a threesome and one that would include him. After seeing very sexy Dale Lix, she wonders if Rick will go along with it. Will Rick give his love her most wanted desire? Will there be three between the sheets?

Not only was Naughty, Naughty a “Christmas-wishes-can-come-true” type of book, but the very x-tra special naughty sexy steamy lovemaking. I enjoyed this book very much. It`s a keeper for me!

Reviewed in November 2007 by Theresa.