by Kathleen Y`Barbo

November 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59789-593-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Barbour Publishing Inc.
Trade Paperback

Isabelle Gayaire is a slave and she has been sold to an evil, old man, Hezekiah Carter. She needs to get away and fast before Hezekiah can get his hands on her. She convinces, Josiah Carter, the captain of The Jude to let her and two other women come aboard and sail to London.

Josiah Carter just happens to be the son of Hezekiah. He has always bucked authority and done his own thing. He does not have much love for his father because of his cruelty. Josiah is smitten with Isabelle; he compares her to a beautiful sea creature. Isabelle wants Josiah to understand how important it is for him to have God in his life as she does.

There are other people onboard who wish to harm not only Isabelle, but also the other two women as well. When the authorities are hot on Josiah’s trail and his castaways, they will need to stay alert and focused to get through this. Two lost souls each a victim of their circumstance and looking for redemption.

Ms. Y’barbo has created a beautiful, timeless love story with characters that are not perfect. Their flaws are making up a part of who they are. A enjoyable read.

Reviewed in April 2008 by Pat.

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