by Heather Waters

December 2007
ISBN: 978-0425219621
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Scottish Highlands

Ailing King Arrane of the Fae world has very little time left. His evil daughter Queine Elphina, an unwanted result from his seduction by her succubus mother, is leading an army of underworld creatures in an effort to claim the Fae thrown for her self. Elphina has hatched a plot to murder her half-brother Laird Gavin McCain (the true heir to Arrane’s kingdom) and release Arrane’s treacherous brother King Korin from the bowels of the earth where Arrane imprisoned him decades ago. Arrane, whose diminishing powers have left him incapable of defending the kingdom alone, needs Gavin’s slumbering magic. But he must also protect his precious son, so he chooses White Lady Nakkole to do his bidding and sends her with her sister Timpani to the mortal world of Scotland to guard the prince. Gavin, who has lived his whole life in the human realm, has no idea of whom and what he really is.

Lady Nakkole under the guise as a healer for Gavin’s sickly mother Lady Geraldine, Arrane’s true love, must awaken the powers in Gavin and teach him how to use them. What Nakkole did not count on was that one taste of Gavin’s kiss and she is under his spell of love. Can Nakkole and Gavin fight the forces of Elphina’s demon world militia and claim victory? Destiny’s Warrior must win as both the world of the Fae and the humans depends on it!

Fantasy story telling at its best! Destiny’s Warrior by newcomer Heather Waters is spectacular! There are many plot twists and turns threaded with tons of back story, plus different types of characters/creatures and it can get complex to keep track of it all. Plod through it, and a fabulous story is there for the taking. Unlike most romance novels this one’s romance takes a back seat to the action of the plot of the pending revolt and Gavin is more a “beta male” then an alpha wherein Nakkole is the actual “hero” of the story. Destiny’s Warrior is sure to rank on the best seller list.

Reviewed in January 2008 by Bonnie.

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