by Fern Michaels, Marie Bostwick, Cathy Lamb, Deborah J. Wolf

November 2007
ISBN: 978-0-8217-8048-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Comfort and Joy shows us a side of the holiday that is not all joy for everyone. When reading this book, I kept feeling as if something was missing. For me it was very slow paced and I was a little bored with it.

Fern Michaels` Comfort and Joy reminds me of the days when some stores had gift-wrap businesses in the main store. Angie Bradford has taken over the business for her mother, Eva, at Eagle Department Store. Josh Eagle is running the business for his Dad, Angus Eagle. Angie and Josh have been at odds for some time now. Josh threatens that after the Holidays he is moving to London, but some changes must be made to save the store. Will those changes help Angie and Josh put their differences aside and work together? What about their parents? Maybe a holiday miracle is needed for everyone in this story.

Marie Bostwick`s, A High-Kicking Christmas takes Radio City Music Hall Rockette Kendra Erickson to a small town in Vermont. She has injured herself walking home one day so a break is just what she needs to heal. She takes a job organizing a pageant for a local church, First Community Church. Minister Andy Loomis is very supportive of the changes that Kendra wants to make to the play that was written by a former English teacher but his wife, Darla Benton expects her to use the play the same way. There are changes made and when Darla hears of these changes, words are said that cannot be taken back. Will Andy be able to help things heal or will more hurt words be stated? Do Andy and Kendra fall in love?

Cathy Lamb tells us a story of a beautiful gift given to Suzanna Everts who has been in the hospital in a coma. Her friends get together and make her a special gift called Suzanna`s Stocking. Unknown to those who surround her she seems to be seeing things about her friends. Things that she could help with if she wakes up. Also what is Jack Benson doing by her bed? Where is her soon-to-be husband? Will Suzanna wake up and be able to help her friends and family?

Family Blessings by Deborah J. Wolf gives us an insight of how important family is. Her mother is having trouble remembering things and wants to decorate for Christmas months ahead of time. Kacey would rather be anywhere but home this year. Mom and Dad need her more and more each day and it will take some special memories for her to really appreciate the blessing around her. When Daniel Cooper has a short visit to town to visit his family he runs into Kacey. There are sparks but will they be able to move forward with them? They do live in two different states. Will there be a Christmas miracle for these two?

Reviewed in October 2007 by Theresa.