by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

ISBN: 1-59279-005-4
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Black Wind is an emotional novel that tells the story of Bronwyn McGregor and Sean Cullen and how their love crosses all boundaries, even death. The story begins when both are young children attending the same Catholic school. Sean and Bronwyn are friends and spend much of their time together. Sean is from the wrong side of the tracks. His life is full of hatred, abuse, and pain. As the story progresses, the reader comes to realize that the only good thing he has is Bronwynís love.

When Seanís mother murders his abusive father, things drastically change for him. Sean discovers that Tymothy Cullen was not his father and that his real father is Dr. Brian OíShea. Unfortunately for Sean, it seems that his real father has passed on more than just genes; he has passed on a curse that comes complete with a live parasite. Sean will become a Reaper or vampire when he reaches puberty. The company that Seanís father works for, Fuilghaoth, found the parasite that causes the change and is using it to create unstoppable soldiers that can be sold to the highest bidder. Sean is horrified and refuses to participate, that is until the company threatens the life of Bronwyn.

During this time, it is revealed that Bronwyn is carrying Seanís child. She has been sent to a convent in Ireland to give birth and then her child will be given up for adoption. When the baby and Sean die in an assignation gone wrong, Bronwyn believes that both of her loves are gone forever. However, Sean has been saved by Fuilghaoth but has become the embodiment of a Reaper who lived a thousand years ago. The two minds living in one body must learn to cope with what has happened.

Years later both Sean and Bronwyn find themselves working for the same company, together the two of them must uncover the truth about what happened at Fuilghaoth before it is too late for them both.

Black Wind by Charlotte Boyette-Compo provides an in depth look at the relationship between two people destined by fate to be together. The characters are touching, especially the hero whose real life monster turns out to be less horrifying than the humans in the book. Sean and Bronwyn suffer so much that the reader cheers when the happy ending finally takes place. The writing style is superb and easy to read, which makes the story very enjoyable.

However, I felt that too many stories were packed into one book, this seemed to be a wrap up of a series and I was very confused at times. I would recommend reading the rest of the series as this book does not appear to stand alone very well. I also found that too much information was given about the lives of Sean and Bronwyn as they grew up; it took them half the book to get to an age where I was comfortable with them being in love. This lengthy introduction seemed out of place when one well-written prologue would have sufficed. If you are a fan of the supernatural and have the time to read the entire series, then this is a book you should consider. Otherwise, there are much less complicated books out there to enjoy.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Jen.

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