by Linnea Sinclair

November 2007
ISBN: 978-0553589641
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Mass Market Paperback

Bahia Vista, FL homicide detective Theo Patrakos has just come upon the strangest case of his career. He is called to an apartment to investigate the death of a man who was seen alive only two days ago. What makes this so strange is the condition of the body, it appears to be mummified. This process would take weeks. Stranger still is the technical equipment found in the apartment. It is also something that the detective has never seen before…something from the future almost.

Members of the Guardian Force have been sent to Earth in search of their missing agent, Danjay Wain, whose transmissions stopped two days before. Heading the team is Jorie Mikkakah. It seems Zombies are using Earth as a breeding ground to become stronger. It’s up to Jorie and her team to destroy the threat to not only earth but also all mankind.

A transmitter leads Jorie to detective Patrakos’ home where he had taken a strange looking computer found at the scene of his latest homicide. It seems the dead man is the missing agent sent to earth to track the Zombies and report on their activity. Now Jorie and Theo must work together to destroy the Zombies and save not only Earth but also the entire world from destruction.

While the above may sound like a really hokey story line in the hands of Linnea Sinclair it becomes a rather riveting adventure. Ms. Sinclair’s ability to combine humor, great adventure and romance to tell amazing stories is once again demonstrated in Down Home Zombie Blues. I must admit what drew me to this book was the unique title what kept me turning pages well into the night was another mesmerizing story from an incredibly talented writer. Her tales are not to be missed! I am eagerly awaiting her next offering.

Reviewed in March 2008 by Barbara.

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