by Kathleen Nance

September 2002
ISBN: 0-505-52484-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Enchantment is a sweet tale of magic, where the world of the Djinn exists and nothing is implausible. This was my first "genie" book, so I wasn't familiar with genie lingo and struggled here and there to decipher the words. Such as ďma-atĒ, which in laymenís terms means magic.

Jack Montgomery is a scientist whose exposure to magic has left a bitter taste in his mouth. So bitter, in fact, he has gone to great lengths to see that magic never enters his safe, factual world again. He's created a crystal necklace that will disrupt the flow of energy and any magic will thereby fail. His prior dealings with genie magic were not pleasant, but never fully explained in my view. Jack has a sister, Isis, who in a prior book ended up married to Leila's old lover, Darius.

Leila is a genie whose skills are limited, but what little magic she has she accuses Jack of stealing, after what Jack thinks is a chance meeting in a bar. Leila, unbeknownst to Jack, has seen a picture of him and now wants him for her own. Jack finds the sultry Leila wildly attractive, and thatís what lands him in his very precarious situation. Together they end up in the Tower Lands, the land of the Djinn, Leilaís world.

Leila is a bit whiny, if you will, relying far too much on her beauty to win Jack's heart. I suppose losing her ma-at was rather like losing a limb, and that can ruin a girlís day! Though I have to give a girl her due, she does rise to the occasion when in a sticky situation. Leila is also very insecure about her limited skills as a genie, among other things.

Jack, on the other hand, was sweet in a boy-next-door sort of way, if not a bit stubborn. He has, after all, landed in a strange land where even stranger things occur, yet still he clings to his practical Science. He doesnít know where Leilaís magic has gone; however, he suspects it may have something to do with the crystal necklace he created. They fight their way through the Tower Lands, alternately bickering, then kissing and making up. I didnít feel Jack and Leila connect in any other way but physically.

I felt at times throughout the story a bit disconnected to Jack and Leila. There was a lot going on around them in the Tower Lands, which took away from the romance I would have liked to delve deeper into. The world of the Djinn created in this book was fascinating and filled with pitfalls and even a pet rock. However, the chemistry between Leila and Jack faded to the background as a result.

I tremendously enjoyed the creative genius behind the Tower Lands. The vivid surroundings were described with great flourish and detail. If I closed my eyes I could almost smell the air and feel the breeze caress my face. All and all not a bad read; this reader just enjoys a smidge more sizzle and romance in her genie world.

Reviewed in December 2002 by Connie.

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