by Susan Mallery

January 2008
ISBN: 978-0-373-77205-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Kerri Sullivan is about to make a fool of herself for a good cause. Her nine year old son Cody's life. Cody is suffering from Gilliar's Disease and if it is not cured soon, he will die. Kerri needs wealthy billionaire Nathan King's help, more importantly, his money, so that scientist Abram Wallace to start looking for a cure again. Nathan's son died of the disease and she can only hope her plea touches his heart.

Unfortunately, nothing seems to touch Nathan's heart and it is only when Kerri blackmails him into giving the money to Dr. Wallace that Nathan sits up and takes notice of the ordinary single mom.

Nathan has a deal of his own though. He needs some good PR to get his dream towers built and he is willing to use Kerri, her son, and the research to get that PR. Along the way though, his cold heart starts to warm again as he sees the hope he is bringing to Kerri and her son. Nathan has had a lifetime of hurt. Will this unexpected pair show him that it is never too late to give up on love and life?

Accidentally Yours is classic Susan Mallery. A strong female character willing to kick butt to get what she needs done; a child who is not annoying but rather adds something to the story; and a sexy hero with a black heart. Nathan comes a long way in this story. He is not a 100% happy guy, even at the end, but he has found some true joy and learned to appreciate it.

Kerri was a great character. She would do anything for her son and truly believed he would live. That strength of will led to the central conflict in the story in an interesting and realistic way.

Susan Mallery is an author who warms the heart and makes a reader smile. With its feel good characters and emphasis on community responsibility and growth, this book seemed almost too goody-goody at times, but it is nevertheless an entertaining story. Mallery has a way with words and it shows in Accidentally Yours.

Reviewed in December 2007 by Sarah.

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