by Fiona Brand

December 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2563-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Killer Focus is the second book in Fiona Brandís newest trilogy. The focus of the trilogy is a South American cocaine runner, and his possible connections to a cargo ship sunk around the time of WWII.

As I sat to read Killer Focus I was hoping for closure from the first book in the series Double Vision, however that just didnít quite happen. There were a few quick mentions of characters from that story, but no complete closure, so now I suppose I must wait for the final story in the trilogy.

Killer Focus instead is the story of FBI agent, Taylor Jones. It tells of Taylorís struggle to regain her mental and physical strength after being kidnapped and terrorized by the upper echelon of the South American Cocaine trade. She was lucky to have escaped alive, and now must rebuild her life.

Itís not that easy as her boss at the FBI thinks Taylor is making up stories of people out to get her, and when she is finally shot in an attempt to silence her forever she is forced out of the FBI and into the witness protection program. Will that save her life, or cause her further emotional and physical danger? For that answer youíll have to read Killer Focus.

As I said earlier I was disappointed by the real lack of tie ins to Double Vision. Iím sure Killer Focus is a great book if you enjoy thrillers and tales of espionage, which are not at all my favorite genres.

I will read the final book in the trilogy simply to see if I finally get all the closure I need to ensure that all characters are safe and living happily ever after, but whether or not I am willing to be at the bookstore the day itís released will depend on what I still have in my pile to read.

Reviewed in November 2007 by Sandi.

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