by Susan Wiggs

February 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2493-5
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Mass Market Paperback

In February 2008 Susan Wiggs will gift readers with her latest installment in her popular Lakeshore Chronicles Series. The newest book is entitled Snowfall at Willow Lake. From the buzz Iíve heard not many readers anticipate enjoying a story about Sophie Bellamy, but like me I hope they go into Snowfall at Willow Lake with an open heart and mind.

Sophie has been previously portrayed as a woman who is more career minded than family minded, and one who always thought that as long as her children were safe, warm, and had a place to live she had fulfilled her motherly duties. Now after suffering through a divorce, and the reality that her children would prefer to live in the small town of Avalon, New York, than in The Hague with her sheís about to celebrate the epitome of career success.

The night that Sophie is to be recognized for her hard work to bring democracy and freedom to the African nation of Umoja doesnít end the way she expects, and the life altering events of that night have her realizing that maybe what she wanted and dreamt of her entire life wasnít really her ultimate goal after all.

Sophie returns to Avalon to try to work her way back into the lives of her children. Itís not easy to do, and with good cause not only her children, but others in Avalon are somewhat suspicious of her, and wonder how long it will be before she flees the small town, looking for a bigger better life again.

Susan Wiggs is a masterful story teller who makes her readers long to be a part of Avalon, and able to interact with all the community members, and most especially partake of the special treats at the bakery.

As always Snowfall At Willow Lake gives good resolution to the main story, while adeptly setting up future stories. I know that more books are planned about this community, I can only hope that we as readers donít have too long a wait.

Reviewed in January 2008 by Sandi.

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