by Sandra Hill

July 2000
ISBN: 0-505-52387-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Sandra Hill continues her uproariously funny journey into the realm of time travel and hunky Vikings with Truly Madly Viking, a sequel to The Last Viking. If you didn't read the former, worry not - this sequel can stand on its own two feet!

Maggie McBride is a psychologist at the Rainbow Psychiatric Hospital and single mother of twin daughters, Suzy and Beth. They are two little sprites, who wish on a star every night for a father, and have a special love of Orca whales. On a trip to Orcaland, the twins’ favorite destination, this group of girls are in for the surprise of their lifetime!

Jorund Ericsson has had his share of troubles. First he arrives home from war in the year 998 to find his wife and twin girls have been wiped out by famine. Then his father calls upon his services to aide him in finding Jorund’s brother, Geirolf, who is apparently lost at sea. While on his reluctant journey at sea to find Geirolf, Jorund hits a snag; his anchor is caught in seaweed. What's a Viking to do but strip to the buff and jump in to take care of business!

How, you might ask, does Jorund find himself catapulted into the future, landing in modern day Texas? On the back of a killer whale, of course! He arrives buck naked, and in the middle of Orcaland's feature attraction. Maggie, ever the psychologist, rushes in to save Jorund from certain incarceration by having him admitted to her hospital.

In clever Sandra Hill style, Jorund takes on his new surroundings and medical diagnosis from Maggie without missing a beat. Including his heart stopping attraction for the pretty "Docwhore" Maggie with the man hair! Jorund is more than just a lusty hunk; he's a sensitive, warm, gentle man with a splash of Neanderthal for good measure.

Jorund's big heart finds room for more than just Maggie, as his generous spirit brings him in close contact with several other residents at the Rainbow - a nymphomaniac, and a Vietnam vet to mention a few. These secondary characters were woven into the fabric of this story with a masterful pen, so well in fact, you didn't know who to root for first. The relationship that develops between Jorund and Maggie's twins was heartwarming and rich with his longing for his own girls.

Maggie is feisty and independent, but never utters the usual single mother woes; she's self sufficient and down to earth. Her dilemma lies in fighting her undeniable attraction to Jorund, while ethically maintaining her status as his doctor.

I loved these two as a couple, the chemistry between them virtually set the pages on fire, while at the same time warmed my heart with the sweetness of it. Both have their share of insecurities, but handle them in practical adult fashion.

I can't say enough about the brilliance of Sandra Hill; she manages to bring fresh ideas to the same story over and over! There are of course the typical time travel problems, written so well one almost felt as if they were experiencing modern day technology for the first time with Jorund.

This reader loved the book so much she just might pack a bag and head off to Texas in search of her very own Viking! If you enjoy a rollicking romp, filled with comedic adventure and snappy dialogue, run to the nearest bookstore and purchase Truly Madly Viking !

Reviewed in December 2002 by Connie.

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