by Donna Kauffman

December 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7582-1727-1
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Trade Paperback

Dalton Downs is the horse farm where Trinity, Inc. is headquartered. Trinity, Inc. is the company that prides itself on being able to help people who can’t help themselves and it is run by Finn Dalton, Donovan (Mac) MacLeod and Raphael (Rafe) Santiago.

Something about Elena bothers Rafe, especially once he sees her reaction to her first visitor after her being on the farm for months, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. She’s not his type of woman so that can’t be it……or is it? He’s used to having women fall all over him and yet, he has to resort to asking for *gasp* riding lessons, in order to get to know her. He does think she’s in some kind of trouble and he decides to watch her, just to make sure that trouble doesn’t come to Dalton Downs! The story he slowly and painfully uncovers, with Elena’s help, is indeed explosive.

Elena Caulfield is Dalton Downs’ new stable manager and head horse trainer. Elena has secrets and she feels that there is no one she can trust to help her because of the suspicious circumstances surrounding the recent tragic, and joyous, event in her life. Rafe is the absolute last complication she needs and yet he’s slowly working his way into her life! He’s so self-assured that she just knows he’s bad news.

Donna Kauffman’s second book in the Unholy Trinity trilogy (try and say that fast 5 times) The Black Sheep and the Hidden Beauty is a most enjoyable story! Rafe and Elena getting to know one another is indeed a joy to read, especially with the two of them being complete opposites. It’s fun to read about a hero who knows just how far he can push to get what he wants! I enjoyed this book better than the first and now on to Finn’s story! Thanks, Ms. Kauffman!

Reviewed in January 2008 by PamL.

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