by Sabrina Jeffries

February 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4165-5151-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Madeline Prescott is a new teacher at Mrs. Harris's School for Young Ladies. She needs her job badly as her father is in dire financial straights after a scandal surrounding his medical practice in their small town. Madeline has been trying desperately to contact Sir Humphry Davy, a man who knows quite a bit about nitrous oxide, but to little avail. That is, until Lord Norcourt, Anthony Dalton, appears at the school with a request.

Anthony intends to gain guardianship of his niece, Tessa, if it is the last thing he does. Though he has a reputation as a rakehell of the highest order, Anthony is determined to set his rakish ways aside in order to provide a safe home for Tessa, a home away from the vile relatives who are also asking for guardianship. Anthony knows if Tessa remains with those relatives she will suffer at their hands, just as he did when he was forced to stay there as a young boy. He will do anything in his power to make a safe future for Tessa and he knows if he can get her enrolled at Mrs. Harris's, the courts are likely to take his claim more seriously.

Trouble is, Mrs. Harris wants nothing to do with Anthony's situation. Madeline does however and convinces Mrs. Harris to let Anthony provide the school with rake lessons, in which he teaches the girls how to spot a man with bad intentions and to avert disaster. Madeline also blackmails Anthony into throwing one of his infamous nitrous oxide parties. She does not tell him why she wants the party, just that if he wants Tessa to be enrolled at the school, he must comply. A dangerous game of blackmail and desire begins to twist and turn on the pages of Let Sleeping Rogues Lie.

Sabrina Jeffries keeps making this series better and better! Madeline and Anthony both doubt and desire each other and those feelings course throughout the plot as they must decipher each other's motives and threats. Madeline is a very intelligent woman who is not afraid to use her smarts to put Anthony in his place. All the same, she is just as susceptible to his charm as other women.

For his part, Anthony cannot keep his mind (or his hands!) off Madeline. Her sharp mind, her lovely features, and her well hidden secrets keep him on edge from page one. It will take a lot of trust and love for these two to reveal what is really going on to each other. Add to that the subtle flirtations and witticisms between Charlotte and "Cousin Michael" at the beginning of each chapter and Let Sleeping Rogues Lie entertains on every level. This is a historical romance not to be missed!

Reviewed in February 2008 by Sarah.

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