by Jennifer Greene

October 2002
ISBN: 0-380-81972-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Everyone is off to grandmaís house in this comical tale from Jennifer Greene. The story is about three independent women, Susan, the successful, accomplished and always impeccably dressed, her fun loving mother, Lydia and her beloved daughter, Becca.

The story starts innocently enough with Becca visiting her grandma unexpectedly, only to find her normally sedate and quaint grandmother has painted every room in the house bright yellow, donned sexy outfits and has not only one, but two male acquaintances calling her! Dare they be her grandmotherís lovers? Becca is certain something has happened to her normally saint-like grandmother, so she calls the already overworked, overwhelmed, stressed out Susan on the worst business day a person could imagine to come to Copper Creek.

Copper Creek, her home and where her mother owns a cherry farm was also Jon Laker country. Jon Laker is the father of Becca and the man most likely to drive her insane from his presence, and kisses. Itís the place where the student voted most likely to succeed grew up all too fast in the arms of Jon Laker. Pregnant, scared and unable to trust that a boy could take care of her and her baby, Susan left town to raise her daughter, have a successful career and a tumble into bed now and again with Jon. She never could commit to another man. Now, besides grandma acting weird, like wearing red satin underwear, Becca is throwing up in the morning and not looking too good. Itís clear to both women that Becca is pregnant, and its up to Susan to tell Jon, who would dismember anyone that hurt his daughter. But thatís only the beginning of the trouble. Becca canít decide if she wants to keep the baby because she thinks her untimely birth was the reason her parents never married and that her parents have lost many happy years together because of the awkwardness of the situation.

Jon, who owns a successful marina and has never desired to leave Copper Creek, and Susan are stunned by her dilemma, and while Susan tries to reassure her daughter that this isnít so, Jon is more honest with his emotions and seizes one last opportunity to claim the love of his life, if only he could figure out how. He was still capable of making her insides melt, no matter how much she fought it, and it doesnít take much time together before they are falling in bed again. There are plenty of fun scenes, like when the women try to press cherries to make cherry wine and the attempts at making the forever impossible Sunrise cake. Somehow the women get in and out of trouble always with Jon to the rescue. With characters as comical and endearing as Jennifer Greene creates, itís always a pleasure to see how love makes everything work out just like in fairytales! This is truly a fun read!

Reviewed in December 2002 by Suemarie.

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