by Sandra Hill

April 1998
ISBN: 0-505-52255-1
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Mass Market Paperback

I never gave much thought to Vikings in general, but after reading this book I've converted to whatever one calls a Viking groupie! Here's why....

Geirolf Ericsson, a Viking in 997 AD, has been thrust forward one thousand years in time to Professor Meredith Foster's living room, modern day Maine, 1997. Rolf, as we come to know him is as endearing as he is overbearing, not to mention he's six foot four and wears a loin cloth!

Meredith Foster is a Professor of Medieval Times, who hopes to bring her late grandfather's dream of building an authentic Viking longship to fruition. Academic and quiet, Rolf is just what Meredith needs to bring some life into her lonely world - that he was a Viking shipbuilder in his own time is a plus! Recovering from a painful divorce, she doesn't have much time to spend licking her wounds with Rolf in the picture. The contrast between Meredith's quiet demeanor, and Rolf's bigger than life persona is stark, but so well written one tends to dismiss her disposition in favor of his.

Upon arrival, Rolf sets about learning the ways of the twentieth century with gusto, using Meredith as his guide. He acquires a penchant for Breck shampoo, Oreo cookies and the T.V. show "Home Improvement"! These new discoveries are intertwined with his explosive attraction for "Merry-Death", as he fondly calls her. From Rolf's mis-pronunciations of the English language, to his love of Tim "The Toolman" Taylor, every page was a roller coaster ride, jam packed with a myriad of emotions. Primitive and downright crude in his assessment of women, he still managed to set my heart to thumping. Charming and hilariously funny, he somehow manages to come up smelling like a rose, no matter what narrow minded, archaic ideas he's spouting.

This reader didn't even care that Meredith's aceptance of Rolf's plight seemed a bit too easy. Sandra Hill has an uncanny knack for making you believe all the pieces of the puzzle really fit. The question is, can Meredith and Rolf bridge the gap between their two worlds and live happily ever after?

If you enjoy a whole lot of zany comedy, perfectly meshed with witty dialogue, and steamy love scenes that melted the pages right out of my hand, then The Last Viking is for you!!

Reviewed in December 2002 by Connie.

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