by Sahara Kelly

October 2002
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Miss Louisa Cellini didn’t need a man. She was perfectly happy and capable of giving herself pleasure. She firmly believed that an orgasm a day kept you healthy. When she got a note from her friend Beatrice, Countess of Dunsmere asking her to care for badly injured scientist, Professor Owen Lloyd Jones, she didn’t think of refusing.

Owen woke from what he thought was a dream of a woman pleasuring herself against his hands. He knew it wasn’t when he smelled her scent on his fingers and couldn’t resist “relieving” his own pressure. When Owen realizes that he is blind, he is angry and bitter and takes it out on Louisa, who decides to show him that he is still a whole man and that the loss of one sense can enhance the others.

After a night of mutual pleasure, Louisa avoids Owen. She is faced with the realization that he is coming to mean more to her and that solo pleasure is no longer as satisfying. Owen is angry that she has been avoiding him. He had wanted to share his returning sight with her. Owen then sets out to gain Louisa’s attention and show her that pleasure shared is doubly satisfying.

Lying with Louisa is the third and final book in the Tales of the Beau Monde trilogy by Sahara Kelly. We also get a chance to see Nick and Miranda from Inside Lady Miranda and Beatrice and Harry from Miss Beatrice’s Bottom. It was definitely my pleasure to read and find out how everything turned out for our loving, lusty couples. I would definitely suggest you take a “quick” peek at this trilogy.

Reviewed in December 2002 by Carolyn.

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