by Kristin Billerbeck

September 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-137546-0
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Trade Paperback

Haley Cutler’s role as wife is cancelled when her producer husband, Jay, decides, after almost eight years of marriage, that he wants out. And thanks to an unfortunate pre-nup that Haley signed when she had stars in her eyes, she is left with nothing, except her clothes thrown out on the front porch and a car.

With no where left to go, except to her parents, Haley returns to her childhood home. But instead of the carefree girl she was when she left, now Haley is bitter, and determined to get Jay where it hurts--especially after seeing him on television with his new love. After all, he’s moving on with a young starlet, and not only is he keeping his fortune, he’s gaining someone else’s.

Haley attends a meeting at a church that her husband’s lawyer mentioned – a club for ‘Trophy Wives.’ But these women seem too wrapped up in Bible study when what Haley needs is revenge—and someone to talk her through applying for a credit card. Will she find what she needs or what she wants?

The Trophy Wives Club is the first book in Kristin Billerbeck’s newest series through Avon Inspire. Haley is understandably bitter after everything that happens to her, and though she has some snappy lines, it took me a long time to really care what happens to her. I really find it hard to relate to a woman so far removed from Midwestern values, a woman used to getting pedicures for fun and wearing designer footwear.

But in typical Kristin Billerbeck style, the character did begin to grow on me, and I sympathized with Haley, eventually. The story is very well written, and did hold my interest to the end. And the faith message is a bit more obvious than in some of Ms. Billerbeck’s other books, but it still isn’t preachy (a feat that must have been hard to accomplish, since the club for Trophy Wives is actually a Bible Study group.) Discussion questions are included at the end.

Reviewed in October 2007 by Laura.

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