by Melissa Mayhue

November 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4165-3287-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Highlands of Scotland

Popular romance author Sarah Douglas is having big time writer’s block. Searching the internet for a safe, quiet and comfortable retreat to try to overcome her dilemma, Sarah finds Thistle Down Manor located in the highlands of Scotland. Since childhood, Sarah has been plagued by her ability to sense the emotions of people she touches, so Sarah welcomes the chance to stay at the secluded home. Arriving during a horrendous thunder storm, Sarah’s troubles begin to escalate when she wrecks her rental car trying to avoid hitting a man she thinks she sees in the road, only to determine it must have been her imagination, or is it? Then making the rest of the way on foot in the torrential downpour, Sarah is shocked when she is greeted by her handsomely rugged host, Ian McCullough. When Sarah touches Ian instead of the wave of feelings she usually gets from contact she feels nothing but warmth, kindness, and something she has never been able to feel for anyone including her despised ex-husband, desire!

Half-fae guardian Ian McCullough has spent the last six hundred years protecting the mortal realm from the Nuadian fae. The Nuadians were responsible for the evil uprising that carried over from the fairy realm into the mortal world resulting in many deaths, including that of Ian’s fairy father. The fairy leaders cast the rebels out forever. It has been Ian’s task these many centuries to guard the mortals from those who would disrupt the balance of power again. Meeting Sarah Douglas, Ian immediately feels a powerful connection with the mortal woman, or is she....mortal? This Highland Guardian has his plate full trying to keep Sarah safe.

Melissa Mayhue’s second novel Highland Guardian has an interestingly fresh take on the paranormal plot concept of fairies. Ian is the ultimate alpha male that novelist heroine Sarah Douglas thought only existed in the pages of her books. Sarah’s misgivings make her think she is not beautiful enough or even “young” enough for the man she believes to be years her junior when in reality she is his true soul mate. The swift pace of the story stalls almost three quarters of the way through the book and begins to scatter, but does come back and deliver a worthy ending.

Reviewed in October 2007 by Bonnie.

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