by Maura Anderson

August 2007
ISBN: 978-1-60168-052-5
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Lara Saunders visits Southern California to finish her book on historical lighthouses. There she is to be guided by Park Ranger, Matt Martinez to gather information. What she finds instead is a powerful connection to the sexy, chivalrous man. Both Lara and Matt have secrets that threaten to tear apart their tenuous new relationship. Can they trust each other enough to reveal them?

Maura Anderson writes a story that flowed quickly and smoothly for me. I was so wrapped up in the world of Lara and Matt that it never bothered me how fast they seemed to fall together or the length of time it took them to get into bed! To me a book that grabs my attention and keeps it is worth a lot.

Lara is a timid yet strong woman. She pushes herself to exhaustion and finds comfort for the first time in another human. Matt is a strong man, whos always allowed his inner beast freedom. He struggles with the knowledge that hes found his mate and is afraid to tell her of his beast. When these two finally put their fears aside the fireworks explode. I cant wait for another installment of the Coyote Clans world created by Ms. Anderson.

Reviewed in February 2008 by Vikky.

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