by Gwynn Mallory

February 2003
ISBN: 1-58749-347-0
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If you are a dog lover, you will enjoy this romance, set as it is in the fascinating and complex world of pure bred pups. When a stroke of fate lands five puppies in the helpless hands of Molly Montgomery, she is determined to find them all good homes, regardless of the rather callous suggestions made by her almost-fiancé, Derek.

So when the owner of the pups, Joe Bronski, growls into Molly’s life, full of masculinity and fury that his extraordinarily expensive pure breds have all disappeared, sparks fly. Well, almost fly. Milk Bones are certainly munched.

Overall this is a lovely story. Molly is a good woman, trying her best to survive and be a genuinely nice person. Unfortunately, Derek is a snake. And that is very evident early on, making me wish that she’d given him the boot before things got too complicated. Although to be fair, Joe is not a great prize, either. If he’s not snarling at Molly, he’s growling at somebody else or giving long lectures about the processes of breeding pure breds.

The romance that develops between Molly and Joe is very understated. It’s not hard to sense the attraction, but there is little or no actual mention of it. In fact, the moment when Joe and Molly finally realize their love, they tumble into the linens without further ado. It just seemed a bit of a shock, coming on top of days of non-interaction. The plot is very interesting, especially to any kind of dog lover, resting as it does, firmly on the four paws of man’s best friend. I wouldn’t want to say you would have to be a puppy person to enjoy this book, but if you’re a cat fancier, you might have a difficult time seeing it through to the end.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Celia.

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