by Elizabeth Hoyt

September 2007
ISBN: 0-446-40053-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lucinda Craddock-Hayes enjoys her life in the quiet and rural town of Maiden Hill. She is being courted by the local vicar, and has hopes he will eventually propose. However, all her carefully arranged plans, her safe plans, for the future are forever changed when she comes across the naked and badly beaten body of Viscount Simon Iddesleigh.

Taking him into her home and her life, Lucy begins to realize that there is more out there for her, more excitement, more curiosity, and more adventure. As she nurses Simon back to full health, she realizes Simon is changing her. But she does not realize the deadly menace that battles for Simon's very soul.

Simon is out for revenge. It is how he becomes so badly hurt. But he is not going to let that stop him from calling out his foes and killing each and every one. Simon longs for the peace, tenderness, and amusement that Lucy brings to his life in the quiet country. But he is also aware he is no good for her. And when danger comes knocking on Lucy's home in the form of some very terrifying gun shots, Simon knows it is time he heads back to London. Unfortunately, distance does make the heart grow fonder as both Lucy and Simon are about to discover...

Elizabeth Hoyt once again creates vivid characters and a masterful piece of storytelling. The Serpent Prince is probably my favorite of her recent historical trilogy. Simon is a character filled with contradictions. He longs for the softness, laughter and love that Lucy brings into his life, but yet, his heart is very much hardened by hate and vengeance. He is an angry character; there is no getting around that fact. How he deals with those feeling forms the crux of the dilemma in this story.

Lucy is a heroine readers will easily admire. She envisioned a cozy, secure life for herself but with Simon shaking up her feelings, suddenly everything is not so easy. Fortunately, she is a woman with fortitude and a passionate love for Simon. They do not fit easily together, but they find ways to make their growing feelings compatible for life.

The Serpent Prince is sardonic, sensual, dastardly, and above all, a focused and intense love story that will touch all historical romance fans!

Reviewed in October 2007 by Sarah.

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