by Barbara Metzger

September 2007
ISBN: 978-0-451-22205-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Author Barbara Metzger is considered by some to be one of the premier historical romance authors currently in print. After reading Truly Yours, I can understand how she has earned that reputation. This highly charged, well-written novel will run the gamut of a readerís emotions before the last page is turned.

Viscount Rexford came home from the war a changed man. His injuries are on the mend, but he is suffering from a bout of melancholy. He doesnít really know what he wants to do with his civilian life, and the rumors about his service to the Crown are keeping some people at armís length. The one thing he cannot do is refuse his fatherís latest request Ė to investigate the innocence of Amanda Carville, who has been accused of murdering her stepfather. The Royce men have a knack for knowing the truth.

Amanda Carville knows that she will likely hang even though she is innocent. There is no one who can produce proof that she did not pull the trigger and kill Sir Frederick. She was the first to see him lying there, and stupidly she picked up the gun. She even has plenty of motive, considering that he has squandered her fortune on bad investments. The jury will have no problem believing that she committed the crime. She has no idea what Viscount Rexford hopes to accomplish, but he has secured her release from that squalid cell, and allowed her to be cared for by her godmotherís staff. She hopes that he will be able to think of something.

Ms. Metzger has given readers a real treat with Truly Yours. Rex and Amanda are very likeable and well-drawn characters who will tug at your heart. Their journey to love will be a bit bumpy, but worth it in the end.

Reviewed in November 2007 by Paula.

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