by Allisdon Brennan, Karen Tabke, Roxanne St. Claire

December 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4165-4229-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Anthony Zacarrdi is an historical architect and demonologist who works with the Catholic Church. He gets a call for help from his friend Raphael, requesting that Anthony head to the States to assist Rafe at a mission for mentally imbalanced priests. What Anthony finds when he arrives is a total bloodbath and yet, somehow Rafe is still alive. Sherriff Skye McPherson has never seen the likes of what has happened in that mission but she knows she has to find the killer or killers fast and Rafe is at the top of her list! Allison Brennan’s Deliver Us From Evil is a winner! If you are a “demon” fan, you do NOT want to miss this story! Fabulous! I would like to see Rafe get his own book, even though we don’t find out much about him in this story!

Psychic Arianna Killian has been receiving some weird emails and getting some very strange visions so she decides that maybe her friend Lucy Sharpe can help her! Bullet Catcher Chase Ryker is a scientist, not a believer in the paranormal, so how did he end up being bodyguard to a psychic, especially a beautiful woman? Chase has to keep Arianna safe while trying to figure out if the visions and the emails are connected. Can Ari give Chase a Reason to Believe? Roxanne St. Claire gives us a fantastic hero and heroine and shows us that not even psychics can see love coming! I can’t wait for the next Bullet Catcher book!

Zack Garrett is a cop with a not-so-spotless record and a real sleaze for a partner. Said sleaze thinks he has killed Zack but a funny thing happened to Zack on his way to Hell. He’s been given a second chance. The only thing he has to do is go back and help his ex-fiancée, Danica Keller, and save the world. Pretty big job for a guy who has no clue what his savior Michael is talking about and to try and get close to Dani again – she’s rather kill him than accept any help from him! Karen Tabke’s Redemption is a great good vs. evil reunited love story with a hero that I wasn’t sure I liked at first but he won me over. Dani was an unusual heroine also but I understood her reasoning. I was so happy to see these two finally get together! Can’t help wondering if there might not be a story for Michael one day!?

What You Can’t See by Allison Brennan, Roxanne St. Clair and Karen Tabke is a must read for all paranormal fans! These authors have done a great job of giving us a wide range of the paranormal bad guys and the “to-die-for” heroes and the kick-ass heroines who must battle them, while finding true love along the way! I was so impressed with the different storylines! Congratulations, ladies! I’m now an official fan!

Reviewed in December 2007 by PamL.