by Deborah Hale

January 2003
ISBN: 0-373-29239-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #639
Trade Paperback

Lady Lyte's Little Secret is set in England in 1815 and is the story of widow Felicity and bachelor Thorn.

Being a widow in her early thirties and a rich one at that, Felicity felt that she could do as she wished so she decided to take a lover. When she meets Thorn, he fits her plans perfectly. Thorn is quiet and makes no demands on her. So they decide to be lovers for the Season.

However, the best laid plans rarely run smoothly and when fate takes a hand, Felicity decides their affair must end. But when Thornís sister elopes with Felicityís nephew, Thorn knows they have to join forces to stop them. Mutual passion rears again!!

This story has a serious side because Felicity is a woman who feels she canít trust anyone to love her for herself and not for her money. Thorn, who is not rich, has to find a way to convince Felicity that she is wrong to feel this way. Thorn has his own fears so it isnít going to be easy for him.

Thorn and Felicity are a delightful couple that the reader will want to see have a happy ending.

Some wonderful secondary characters, including Felicityís nephew, Oliver and Thornís sister, Ivy, add rich colour to the story.

Lady Lyte's Little Secret is set during the coach ride from Bath in England to Gretna Green in Scotland. The author gives a good account of the stops that would be taken in the various towns on the journey. The reader is transported along with them to enjoy the beautiful country they travel through.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and highly recommend it as a good choice for your reading pleasure in 2003.

Reviewed in December 2002 by Mary.

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