by Emily French

May 2001
ISBN: 0-263-82732-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Mills & Boon
Mass Market Paperback

Sam Jardine emigrated to America ten years before he sent for his bride. When the letter finally arrived, it wasn’t clear which sister Sam had asked for, Caitlin or Caitryn. Caitlin decided it was for her, as she had loved him for many years. Although Sam is surprised to see her when she arrives, he goes ahead with the marriage ceremony anyway.

This is quite a rambling story and I lost the thread of it a few times. Sam is a lumberjack running a successful business. He appears to have a rival by the name of Henry Sagamore. He is the villain of the story yet there is also Ned who is working with Henry... or is he? Nothing is very clear and the story continues to have these puzzles running through it. Caitlin had to discover who Summer Dawn and Zoe were, in which there appears to be a mystery surrounding Zoe. Caitlin and Sam have a strong attraction between them and the passion, when it ignites, is very hot.

I would have preferred to have a clearer plot and a swifter pace to the story. It dragged too much for me and the plotlines were so confusing that by the end I felt it was a complete anti-climax as nothing much was explained really.

Emily French is a new author to me and this book was not to my taste, but I would try another book by her, as the characters of Caitlin and Sam were good. There were a lot of flashbacks in the book as well. Although these were needed to give a background to the characters and their relationship to each other, I felt there were too many flashbacks which detracts from the already confusing plot.

Reviewed in December 2002 by Mary.

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