by Jackie Kessler

November 2007
ISBN: 978-0-8217-8103-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Trade Paperback

The world has gone to Hell-literally rather than figuratively-in Jackie Kesslerís new novel, The Road to Hell. Jezebel is no longer a succubus. Living life as the human, Jesse, she is happier than ever. The only complication is that she wants to come clean about her past to sweetie cop, Paul Hamilton. He is her knight-in-shining armor, but he would he believe her about being a succubus? Errrmmm, no. Determined to keep her past secret, Jesse is horrified when three characters from her past reappear. Their mission is to take her back to The Pit. Caught between Hell and Earth, Jesse refuses to return to her original home.

When tragedy strikes, she must return to The Pit and battle the King of Hell for Paulís immortal soul. Who knew being human was so difficult?

The Road to Hell is the second book in Jackie Kesslerís Hell series. If you are looking for a wicked, delicious story to warm up an Autumn night, this is the book for you. Jesse is a character packed with spunk, sarcasm and seduction. She lights up the pages, making the reader smile at every turn. What is enchanting is her relationship to Paul. Jesse was a lust demon in a previous life, and although the sex with Paul is hot, itís Jesseís love for him that shines through.

What is intriguing about this series is Kesslerís version of Hell. As a reader we get a different view on the Good versus Evil debate. If you always thought Lucifer was hard done in the original stories, youíll love Jackie Kesslerís take! I was so surprised to find out who the King of Hell was!

Wicked, wild and luscious, The Road to Hell is a must for any fan of the paranormal genre!

Reviewed in November 2007 by Donna.

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