by Fiona Jayde

August 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59596-756-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Changeling Press

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As war between humans and vampyre rages, peace is broken and Taina Bates becomes one of the Hunters. As days pass, her strength increases, she heals bruises, scrapes and cuts, wearing the scars like badges. Yet deep inside, there is a will to fight, a rage that pumps through her blood.

Rayan Slade is the man who trains her. Half sympath, fully-fledged vampyre and assassin for the Alliance of Human Protection Services, he trains all new recruits be they SEALs, Green Berets or lone females. Except there is one problem with Taina, she is the only woman he has ever loved, the one woman he left years ago before turning vampyre. Fearful of draining her life energy as a sympath, he never looked back. Now he must face her. The only problem is, he is the very thing she hunts...

If you are looking for a kick-ass heroine, one who won’t let the guys defend the realm, plenty of sex and action, Urban Myth may just be the read you have been looking for. Taina is a hard-nosed hunter, but underneath shows a vulnerable streak stemmed back to when Rayan left. The scenes in which they are together are pure sexual explosions. Despite the sex and action, Fiona Jayde does a wonderful job of building a new fantasy world, a world where vampyres and humans are at war and only the strongest can survive.

Sexy, sassy and sensual, Urban Myth is a keeper.

Reviewed in November 2007 by Donna.

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