by Jennifer Crusie

February 2000
ISBN: 0-312-97112-5
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Quinn McKenzie is bored to the point of no return. Her life is centered around her work as a high school art teacher and her boyfriend, the world`s nicest guy. But when a stray dog shows up, Quinn begins to make changes in her life. Starting with adopting the stray over everyone`s objections.

Now all of sudden her world is in chaos, she`s finding out more about her mother and father than she ever wanted to know, finding lust growing in the funniest of places and she`s being stalked by a man who refuses to let her go.

Nick Ziegler is somehow caught in the middle. The ex-husband of Quinn`s sister, he`s always looked at her as someone that had to be looked after, someone who was a good friend. Finding her attractive and having an affair with her was not an option in the mechanic`s book of good-deeds to do in his lifetime.

But then he`s thrown into the role of protector and finds he can`t fight the attraction that has burned just below the surface for many years.

This was my first Jennifer Cruisie book and extremely hard to put down. I carried it around in my pocket and read it whenever I got a chance, which was something I don`t normally do. The story between Quinn and Nick was slow evolving but worth it in the end. The dialogue was hilarious and witty and the characters will stay with me for a long time.

I really recommend this book to anyone, particularly those looking to read their first Jennifer Crusie.

Reviewed in December 2002 by Lucy.

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