by Sydney Somers

July 2007
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Being part hunter, part vampire, Brynn is a woman caught between two worlds. When a string of women go missing at the hands of a mysterious order of immortals hell bent on making themselves top of the food chain, Brynn must put aside her vampire half and protect the innocent. The only problem comes in the form of another vampire, Gabriel. One moment in his embrace and Brynn is tempted to forget her hunter promise and let the fiery hunger of her vampire instincts take over.

Gabriel is an immortal with a haunted past. Emotionally scarred from a vicious attack by a true-blood, he wants to be left alone. Locating the missing women is not his job. But the harder her tries to avoid Brynn, the more he craves her. She is everything he wants, and everything he canít have. Not while he is still haunted by his past. Temptation has never looked so good...or badÖ

Can Brynn and Gabriel find the missing women, stop the Order of Orion and overcome their past to find love in each otherís arms?

Third in the From Tonight Until Forever series, Tempted is a fast paced read with witty, sharp dialogue and some extremely memorable characters. Once I started reading, I could not stop until I reached the end of the book. Dark, yet spellbinding, Tempted drags you straight into the action with Brynn doing what she does best - hunting vampires. There is a sharp edge to Brynnís character in the beginning that begins to blunt as the story moves on. At heart, she is a vulnerable woman longing for the love of a man she knows she canít have. The male in question, Gabriel, is everything a vampire should be - dark, brooding and extremely sexy. The only difference with this dark, brooding vampire is his tortured past has made him this way. Their relationship is one that had me smiling, sobbing and fanning myself. Itís funny, touching and steamy!

Add to this a whole heap of baddies and some big scary true-bloods to overcome, and you have an action packed story. With well drawn out sexual tension, endearing characters and secondary characters, Tempted has left this reviewer begging for more!

Reviewed in October 2007 by Donna.

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