by Julie Leto, Rhonda Nelson, Mia Zachary

September 2007
ISBN: 978-037383716
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Where do troubled witches go to recharge and renew? Where do failed spellcasters try to revive or initiate their talent? Come with me to the Magecraft Treatment Center in Sedona, where three very talented romance writers have collaborated on a new anthology of the most powerful magic of all LOVE.

Julie Leto starts the book with her powerful tale of redemption and danger, Under His Spell. Guardian Regina St. Lyon had no choice but to banish Brock Aegis to the Middle Realm when he betrayed her. As Guardian, she has more to consider than her own broken heart. She must protect all who practice magic or follow Wicca from the treacherous Hunters. When Brock returns to warn her of impending danger, she is not sure she can trust him. How can she believe that he has changed?

Author Rhonda Nelson shows us how self-esteem can harm in Disenchanted? The scion of a powerful wizarding family, Benedict DeWin is a disappointment to his parents. Seemingly lacking in any kind of magic, he is a business success, but the accolades are bittersweet. Until he can awaken his powers, he will never fit in. Even his betrothal to Portia Flynn is in jeopardy. As a last-ditch attempt, he comes to Sedona, hoping for answers. What he finds may awaken more than simple magic.

Finally, Mia Zachary offers us an emotional story about love and loss in Spirit Dance. Siobhan Silverhawk may come from a long line of shamans and healers, but her own abilities are quite modest. That is probably a good thing since she hopes to have a relationship with widower J.B. Pendleton and his young son Ben. J.B. has no use for hocus-pocus New Age-y powers. His troubled son needs help. Hopefully, Siobhan can offer them the solace and healing that they need.

Witchy Business is a perfect autumn read by three exceptional authors. Each story was entertaining and touching.

Reviewed in October 2007 by Paula.