by Joy Nash

August 2007
ISBN: 978-0-505-52695-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback


Water witch Christine Lachlan has been scrying Europe for the immortal warrior Kalen. Christine has added her powers to the Coven of Light and their struggle to rid the world of the death magic that has been slowly decimating it. Kalen’s brother, Adrian and his lover Amber are desperate to find all of the immortals. Christine enters a dream state where she sees Kalen making love to his Sidhe mistress, and just when the erotic vision begins to heat Christine’s already magically fueled lust, she finds herself in the arms of the immortal she has sought...Kalen!

For over 700 years, Kalen has been in self-imposed exile from the humans he once valiantly protected. Hidden behind his castle walls deep in Scotland Kalen tries to seek the magic of the muse from his Sidhe lover Leanna. During sex Leanna dissolves and another woman takes her place, a woman that fuels the long dormant fervor in Kalen’s soul and in his art. Finding the woman again in the flesh during one of Leanna’s sex tours, Kalen whisks her back to his castle to protect her from the wrath a jealous Leanna unleashes against her. Trying to persuade the enamored Kalen that she is only there to seek his help fighting the demon that is out to destroy the world through his youngest brother, Tain, Christine is slowly losing the battle of her heart to The Awakening of love.

The Immortals series continues with third brother Kalen coming to the world’s rescue in The Awakening. Creatively written by Joy Nash, The Awakening keeps the tempo going and the heat turned up when Kalen meets his match in mortal witch Christine. The dark villains, the insane immortal Tain, and his demonic lover follow over from the first two books and a third is added in the form of Kalen’s former lover, the deliciously wicked Leanna. The violence is still prevalent so the weak of stomach should be warned, and the eroticism is in full thrust. I did enjoy Joy Nash’s fertile imagination in the forms of Brownie servants, Pearl the grumbling housekeeper, and the teenaged (or is he?) demigod Mac who had me in stitches with his love of loud music, junk food, and internet video games. (Ms. Nash must have met my own sons!)

Reviewed in September 2007 by Bonnie.

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