by Joey W. Hill

December 2002
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Holding The Cards is not for the close-minded. And it’s definitely not for those who like their erotica soft. This is a story that shows us the insides of the main characters involved. It shows us the pain that they’ve endured. What they’re hiding from and what they’re afraid of. And it takes us along with them as they help each other to heal.

Holding The Cards is an emotional ride with characters that jump from the page. From the very start they intrigue you and you care about what they’ve gone through and what still lies ahead. In erotica it’s tricky walking the lines between taking something too far and not taking it far enough; and between creating characters who are nothing more than sexual machines and characters who’s emotions and realities are real to the reader. Joey Hill makes walking these lines seem effortless.

I loved reading this book and seeing the skill with which this story was created. But although I enjoyed it, it wouldn’t be fair to send others to read it with out first making sure they understood some of the less vanilla sexual aspects of this story. One, Holding The Cards delves deep into the emotional aspects behind the relationship between a dominant and a submissive. It will dispel many of the myths that people believe about such relationships. It deals mainly with the relationship between a female dominant and a male submissive but also touches on other combinations as well. Two, there is homosexuality in this story, male with male. Blatant and unbelievably well written, but for those who shy away from such things, this is definitely not the story for you. For those who have never tried reading a story with it before, then this would be an incredible story to start with.

The only thing in my never humble opinion that would have improved Holding The Cards is if the author had given us a glimpse into a positive dominant male/submissive female relationship. Only because the reader is given a hard look into a destructive one, and as many of the readers of this story will be females, I think it would have been better had both sides of the coin been shown so that there would be no lingering feelings in ones mind that such a relationship is wrong, based on what they read.

Holding The Cards is an example of what Joey Hill can do and if she consistently shows such skill then she’s found a fan in me.

Reviewed in December 2002 by JaToya.

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