by Katie MacAlister

October 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4265-2493-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

This book contains two novellas – both dealing with modern women and hunky immortal men who, though born centuries ago, are rather modern in their thinking. In Stag Party Irish god Dane Hearne spends six months of each year ruling his section of the Underworld, and the rest of the year at his castle in Ireland. Each year he must remarry his goddess in a special ceremony, but this year he returns home to find his goddess has run off and now he only has six days to find another woman willing to marry him.

Megan St. Clair has arrived at Dane’s castle in order to write an article for her travel magazine. She never expected to meet a man who seems intensely interested in not only seduction, but marriage. But even if she can believe his bizarre tales, can she risk her heart on a man she barely knows?

Norse Truly introduces Viking Alrik Sigurdsson and some of his crew. Alrik was cursed long ago and now he and his men sail the waters along a Scandinavian coastline unable to walk on land. American Brynna Lund visits Sweden for a family reunion. When her car goes off a cliff and she wakes to find herself on a Viking ship, Brynna doesn’t want to believe their story, but soon things happen which change everything she’s ever believed about herself. Brynna then learns the only way to save him is to marry him, but she fears the pain she’ll feel when she removes his curse and sends him on his way to Valhalla.

Both stories are filled with classic MacAlister quirky characters, especially the men and their mixture of old world values and modern thinking. I personally found the secondary characters more entertaining than the main characters. The stories are short and, especially at the beginning, confusing thanks to the multitude of characters introduced and the unfamiliar words.

Reviewed in September 2007 by Jackie.

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