by Hailey North

November 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-058247-0
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Mass Market Paperback

In her newest title, Not The Marrying Kind, Hailey North takes readers on a journey home. Home in this case is the small town of Doolittle, Arkansas. Doolittle was once the hometown of Jake Porter and Harriet P. Smith.

Jake and Harriet were in high school together for a short time. Harriet was the girl who didnít quite fit in although she lived in Doolittle her entire life. Jake, an army brat was dropped in Doolittle by his mother while his father was stationed elsewhere. Jake had a charm that not only wooed Harriet, but the entire school as well.

What the two would have in common would appear to be nothing, but they both felt as though they didnít quite fit the mold they were born into. In the years since high school each has left Doolittle. Jake, taken away by his father without being given the chance to say goodbye to anyone. Harriet by choice, but with a souvenir that sheíll always have...a son.

Now, fifteen years later fate has drawn the two back to Doolittle. Harriet and Jake accidentally run into each other. While Harriet recognizes Jake he doesnít know who she is. Will she tell him who she is, and the truth behind her sonís parentage, or will she continue to play her cards close to her heart?

Not The Marrying Kind had the potential to be an enjoyable read. I, however, felt that both Harriet and Jake were too self-centered to care about more than themselves. At times they each showed compassion, but even then it felt like they were doing so because in the end it would serve a purpose known only to them.

For a majority of Not The Marrying Kind Harriet danced around the idea of whether or not she should be honest about her sonís parentage. She never once in my opinion was concerned about how her son Zach, at the age of 15, would feel about finding out that the man he had grown to know and love as his father wasnít truly his father. She also didnít give much consideration to what ramifications revealing his true birth father would have on extended family.

Jake being a typical rich playboy was after one thing and one thing only. To find himself suddenly in love and unable to live without the one woman who always had affected him seemed a little off to me.

I was looking forward to Not The Marrying Kind because I had previously read and totally enjoyed Ms. North. This time as I read instead of anticipating each new page, I couldnít wait until the end. Sorry to say that for me this was more of a miss than a hit.

Reviewed in December 2007 by Sandi.

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