by Julie Kenner

January 2003
ISBN: 0-7434-4604-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Jacey Wilde had a plan, a plan to be married and settled by the time she was thirty, which also included having a job and giving up painting entirely. She believed she had met her “Mr. Right”, Albert Alcott, or so she thought, at a beach. Well, her thirtieth birthday was fast approaching and she had to find Al and fast. The only way she knew how was to hire a Private Investigator, David Anderson.

In Jacey’s opinion, David Anderson was a “jerk”. He was acting weird, always zoning out and giving his very obstinate opinion on everything. David was not only a P.I. but he was also an author, trying to write a novel.

Jacey was not having a good time lately and neither was her car, Lucy. David always seems to be on her mind and she was doodling all the time, drawing murals and pictures on napkins or anything she could get her hands on. “Mr. Right” was more and more beginning to look like “Mr. Wrong” and David was starting to be “Mr. Right”. That was something Jacey didn’t want to happen at all but David was not really the jerk Jacey thought he was in the beginning.

Could Jacey put what she most desired in the world on hold? Could all the trouble she had been having lately be because of Al? Will David be able to break through to Jacey on what is really important in life?

The storyline in Nobody But You was good, but the first half of the book did not keep my interest. Once I was over that point, I highly enjoyed the story. The secondary characters are fabulous; David's aunt was hilarious and I want to do some of the things she does when I get to be her age. And we can’t forget about Phineus Teague who has his own story coming out.

If you are looking for a who-done-it type of story with the mob, thugs, a death and stolen items, with romance blossoming in the end with a happily-ever-after then Nobody But You is the book for you.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Pam.

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