by Nicole Burnham

January 2003
ISBN: 0-373-19640-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1640
Mass Market Paperback

Have you ever thought of dating a prince? Or teaching a prince in proper forms of etiquette, to say the least? Either is unlikely to happen... except in romance novels!!!

Prince Stefano lost his mother when he was very young and was sent off to Princeton for education. Although he was born a prince, he has no sense of royal responsibility. He always feels uncomfortable with royal functions and tries his best to avoid any of them. His father, King Eduardo, is not pleased and thinks it is time for his son to find his public role as a member of the royal family. He hires childrenís etiquette expert, Amanda Hutton, to help Stefano to fit in his royal position.

Amanda Hutton is between jobs and far behind her rent. When King Eduardo offers her the opportunity to teach Prince Stefano, she is flattered but not sure if she could teach an adult. Tutoring a handsome young prince is not an easy task as Amanda is attracted to the prince right from the beginning. Prince Stefano seems to have the same problem. Although he meets gorgeous women every day, Amanda is the only woman that has the power to calm and relax him.

The Princeís Tutor, the second book of Ms Burnhamís San Rimini Royalty series, is a modern fairy tale which follows the first in the series, Going to the Castle.

The story is simple and packed with wonderful characters. Prince Stefano is not only appealing and charming but also a very nice and sweet man. Amanda is just the right woman to match this unroyal prince. But without the magic pen of the author, a commoner and a prince charming will hardly find their love despite all their differences. Isnít that the kind of romance that draws readers to ask for more? Donít miss the upcoming third book of the series, The Knightís Kiss, which will feature Stefanoís sister, Princess Isabellaís story. Happy reading!! :)

Reviewed in December 2002 by Rose.

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