by Marcia Evanick

October 2007
ISBN: 978-0-8217-8009-1
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Mass Market Paperback

As the holidays draw close who isn’t thinking about being with their loved ones, both those related to you by blood, and those who are close friends. In her latest book, Mistletoe Bay Marcia Evanick has done a superb job of capturing the zaniness and love that surrounds the holidays starting with Halloween, and going straight through until Christmas.

Jennifer Wright is a widow with three rambunctious boys. She’s also an entrepreneur with a business that is growing at a rate faster than she had hoped. Since her business operates out of a barn on her property she gets a lot of deliveries from “Mr. Brown” otherwise known as Coop Armstrong.

Coop has returned home after a prolonged absence. His heart has a wall around it because of finding out the two people he loved and trusted most didn’t reciprocate his feelings in quite the same way. He has come home not to heal his heart, but to keep an eye on his parents after his father has suffered a heart attack. He’s not looking for a committed relationship, especially one that comes not only with children, but an extended family as well.

Fate has other plans for Jenni and Coop, and soon they’re friends, and the relationship is moving to a different level, and neither is quite prepared for the depth of their feelings. Along with their own changing relationship, the extended family that Jenni is tending is also changing and experiencing growing pains.

Mistletoe Bay in a scant three hundred twenty pages manages to touch on so many issues pertinent to many readers lives, but manages to do so with just the right touch of humor, so as not to lessen the seriousness, but not to come off as so deep as to make readers think oh no tearjerker, and I don’t read those.

I do feel it fair to warn readers that Mistletoe Bay is part of a connected series, but I have personally read several out of order and do not feel the need to read these books in order. After the mad rush of the holidays I’ll be perusing my TBR to see if I have the first books by Ms. Evanick, as she is a writer who sticks to what she knows best contemporary romance with a touch of humor. Just the right cup of tea for those coming winter nights.

Reviewed in November 2007 by Sandi.

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