by Stephanie Burke

October 2002
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Lucavarious is the leader of the Vampesi, a race of beings related to vampires. Dark is the new Alpha female of the Wolfen-Clan, a race of werewolves. When Darkís parents are killed, her father urges her on his deathbed to fulfill the terms of a four hundred year old marriage contract between the Vampesi and the Wolfen.

While being chased through the woods by members of her clan who donít want the contract honored, Dark vows to do everything in her power to avenge her parents' death and bring peace to her clan. It doesnít help that she is in heat.

Luca has a few secrets that, if they became known, would rock the foundations of both the Vampesis and the Wolfens. He has his hands full trying to control two races, his new mate who, he found out will be in heat for a few months and trying to find out who killed the Alpha pair, Dark's parents.

Luca and Dark are funny, passionate, intense and dedicated to trying to bring peace to their clans, and get to know each other better. Wolfens mate for life. I really enjoyed the fact that these two people were willing to make the best of the situation they found themselves in. It helps that the passion between them is explosive. I laughed, cried, and rooted for them. I hope you will too.

Ms. Burke has done a great job of creating a world where humans, werewolves, and Vampesis co-exist. Where magic is commonplace and no one thinks it is strange that the bride has fur.

Reviewed in December 2002 by Carolyn.

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